What’s your hometown’s claim to fame?

Have you ever pretended to be a tourist in the area you grew up? Have you been to local attractions? If someone visits you from another area, where do you take them to show off your town?

I was born and raised in Delaware, and I have to admit… I have not been to MANY of the local attractions. I know it’s not exactly Delaware, but I’m a member of Longwood Gardens (thanks to a family friend who introduced me to that amazing place a few years ago). But I’ve never been to Winterthur, the Delaware Art Museum, Hagley Museum.. the list (shamefully) goes on..

Yesterday, Mark and I decided to go downstate to try to tour a brewery and a distillery. Unfortunately we didn’t get there early enough to make it on the last tour of Dogfish Head Brewery, so we just got to try four samples and then we moved on to our next spot. (I also learned that I’m probably one of very few people to actually get TIPSY off of beer samples. Such a LIGHTWEIGHT! 😛 )
Our next stop was the Delaware Distilling Company which is a nice little bar & restaurant in Rehoboth that distills it’s own rum, gin & vodkas on the premises. The assistant general manager gave us a tour of the the distillery (which you automatically think is going to be a big elaborate process, but it was all packed into a room that is probably only half the size of your bedroom. It was shocking! But it was really cool to see how the process works, and we also learned that they make all of the rum for Seacrets in Ocean City! Impressive that they can supply a bar that size with all of their rum out of that tiny room! We tried the Seacrets’ rum and Delaware Distilling Company’s house rum and Mark and I both liked the DDC’s rum the best. Both were very good, but the Seacrets’ rum tasted a bit more syrupy & sweet, where the DDC rum was lighter and had a nice touch of vanilla. Yum! After we hung out there making friends with strangers at the bar, we made the trek back up north in a snowy mess (it took us over 3 hours to get home! AHH!) We were disappointed we didn’t get to tour Dogfish Head, but the strangers we met at DDC told us in the warmer months, Dogfish does something called “Pints & Paddles” where you take a kayak tour of Broadkill River then tour the brewery. So I guess we will just have to head back down when it warms up! 😀

So around Delaware I’ve been to most of the state parks, and many of the beaches, but honestly I feel like I’m missing out on some cool stuff around here! What’s YOUR favorite spot??