How a Movie Changed my Life

It was about five years ago that I watched “Super Size Me” during a film in one of my first classes at Wilmington University. After seeing the movie extra, called “Smoking Fries”, I vowed to clean up my eating habits and cut WAY back on fast food. Aside from the occasional McFlurry, or fries from places like Five Guys (I feel like those are a step up from fast food joints), I haven’t had actual fast food since that day.

Shortly after that, I met Mariclaire Schultz, the owner of Blue Sky Chiropractic. Doc MC is such an incredible woman: strong, intelligent, independent and inspirational. She has helped me tremendously on my continued journey to live a healthier, more natural lifestyle. Now, I have to mention that I am FAR from perfect in the health food department. I mean seriously, you wouldn’t know it by looking at me, but bacon cheese fries are my favorite food… With ice cream and/or cake or cookies being a close second. However, something I have figured out over the years is that BALANCE is the key to pretty much everything in life.
Food is one of those pretty obvious things we deal with. You know before you eat greasy fried food that you’re going to feel terrible afterwards. But we do it because we like the way it tastes and because our brains tell us that we want it (gotta love those pesky chemical reactions that control our lives). But then there are other crazy symptoms that we don’t even know are symptoms… For instance: body odor. (This blog just got weird, right? LOL stick with me.. I have a pretty crazy story here…)

So it was probably about two or three years ago that I decided to start cutting back on other bad things like the sneaky chemicals that are in just about every product we use everyday… One of the first things I tried was natural deodorant.

A little back-story before we get into my first experience with natural deodorant… I was using either Secret or Degree clinical protection for years because I felt like it was the only thing that would keep me from having terribly stinky armpits at the end of the day. And I was working at a DESK. Seriously, even with that “CLINICAL PROTECTION” stuff, I sometimes still had to reapply when I got home, or before bed so I didn’t have to smell stinky. And I had some in my car.. And at work, because ohhhh if I forgot to put it on, I could definitely tell, and there’s nothing more embarrassing then having to go into a meeting, scared to move your arms for fear of an odor lingering out…

So fast forward back to my first natural deodorant test. I think I only gave it a few days because, well, to put it gently… It just didn’t work. And I didn’t want anyone to smell me. So I gave up for a bit.. Then I ended up stumbling upon a Pinterest recipe for a homemade deodorant with all natural ingredients… And the reviews were really good! Then I found a second recipe that also had great reviews and similar ingredients. So.. I tried them both out! After the first one, my armpits were a little green (too much lime essential oil, maybe? Lol) and the texture was a little sticky from the beeswax. So I decided to slightly modify the second one with some ingredients that liked from the first. It took a little tweaking, but after the first week or so, I no longer had to apply twice a day! And then something crazy happened… If I forgot to put deodorant on, I couldn’t tell!!! So I threw out all the crap deodorant with aluminum and other terrible chemicals, and I’ve had beautiful, non-stinky armpits ever since!

More recently I discovered that styling products (specifically styling mousse) commonly has propane and butane in it (as well as other terrible chemicals). Well, I don’t know about you.. but I am NOT comfortable with that being on my head! So a quick browse through the hair product section at Newark Natural Foods and I found a product (Giovanni brand) that came in a foam pump bottle, and it works great! And a wonderful little side effect of using a NATURAL product? My acne is about 95% better. I guess my skin wasn’t too comfortable with the chemicals either..

Now I’ve finally decided that if using natural products can clear up acne and body odor… what other symptoms do I face almost every day that I could clear up with natural living? I’ve decided to become a doTERRA Wellness Advocate and an Independent Consultant for Ava Anderson Non-Toxic to find out exactly that. If you’re interested in cutting out chemicals, let me know how I can help you. I’ve been SO happy with my results so far… I’m excited to see how my quality of life continues to get better!

*P.S. I’m copying these old blog posts over from my old blog.. so unfortunately a lot of them will be missing the pictures that were originally posted 😦 Sorry!*

1/12/15 – A reader sent me this note for any other male readers: “Sam’s Natural makes excellent all natural deodorant and Burt’s Bees Super Shiny Shampoo is good and cheap. Been using both for a while and they work great for me.”