I think I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m not a New Year’s Resolution person. But for some reason this year, January 1st seemed to spark some sort of ignition in my life. I can’t quite pinpoint it, but it’s now March 1st and the fire is still going (a good fire. Like a really powerful candle that lights darkness and leads the way. A really good fire).

Maybe it was the closing of a chapter in my life (college) that caused me to look forward and lay out some new plans and start taking action. I don’t know what it was but I’m loving the energy I have.

Anyway, on to my “word of the year”: BALANCE. Anyone who has had a conversation with me has PROBABLY heard me say “the key to anything is balance”. I’m finding it comes up in every aspect of my life, and as I move forward in various (somewhat similar) ventures in my life, I see it more and more.

A few examples:
I must find balance between work time and personal time. Everyone needs this, but entrepreneurs especially do. When you can work from home, at any time of day or night: you will. Self discipline is the only way to keep yourself straight (as I type this blog post on a Sunday night at 8:30… Hmm )

I must find balance between healthy eating and comfort foods. I went to a really awesome “kick sugar cravings” workshop on Wednesday and it was SO helpful as I’ve been trying to eat healthier for years but I’ve been failing pretty miserably and I know my body deserves better and more nutritious food (my body is, after all, working pretty darn hard to keep me alive every second of the day..)
At the workshop I learned a ton of valuable information, and some really crazy facts about sugar. And it spurred me to take REAL action and get going on my health food journey (but also be realistic and not feel guilty if I treat myself to ice cream here & there ) If you’re interested in learning more about the workshop, or need some personal guidance, I highly recommend True Food Wellness with Cosmia. She’s super sweet and very knowledgeable.

I must remember balance when I speak with someone with varying viewpoints of my own. Saturday night I helped my doTERRA team host an essential oil workshop to six magnificent ladies. Afterwards, I was chatting with a really sweet woman who I have a lot in common with. She has been eating healthy and living very naturally (minimal toxins in her household) for years. I LOVED talking with her. But my heart broke a little when she told me that she frequently encounters people who ostracize her for not feeding her children junk food. (I’m going to let you reread that again)… I’m sorry, but WHAT?? She said that people act as if she thinks she is better than them.. For feeding her children healthy, nutritious foods. She doesn’t restrict them from trying junk foods (although they’ve eaten so well their entire life, that they don’t like the taste of junk food)… She doesn’t force her way of life down anyone’s throats, or tell anyone that they’re poisoning their child… She simply wants her children to be healthy, and she helps in any way she knows how!!! This honestly upset me that she experiences such adversity over such a simple thing. And then I started thinking.. My recent lifestyle changes have been the result of over 5 years of self-education (in my free time). Not everyone makes the time to educate themselves about things like I have… Nor are they interested in doing so (that also makes me sad- but I have to remember that I can’t control anyone else’s interests, nor should I try.) When I talk to people, it’s very easy for me to get over-excited and emotional when I discuss things I’m passionate about. It happens more often when I’m talking to like-minded individuals, but when I’m talking to someone with a different viewpoint (on any topic), I have to remember that just because I’m passionate about what I believe in, doesn’t mean that my stance is any better or worse than theirs (I think I’m pretty good at respecting others’ opinions, but I still like to remind myself every so often to keep balance in mind). They may have been through their own circumstances that have led them to where they are today, but we both have ideas that may be valid and wonderful… And most importantly: we can learn from one another.

I could go on and on about other times “balance” has come up in my life.. But I’m pretty sure you get the idea.