‘Unscripted’ Documentary Sessions

Otherwise known as “A Day in the Life” or documentary sessions, these sessions document your family in the realest sense. If your little ones are growing up too fast (as they often do), this is the perfect way to memorialize their childhood in great detail for you to cherish forever.

Ideas for your Unscripted Session:
The goal is to capture your family’s personality- each individual’s uniqueness & quirks. In-person consultations are very important for this fact, but if you’re not local-contact me and we’ll figure out something!

Although all Unscripted Story Sessions are truly “unscripted”, I can recommend a few simple suggestions for activities that typically photograph well. This list serves as a starting point for you, as you plan (or unplan) the day that I join you with my camera.

At home

  • Story time
  • Arts & crafts/creating time
  • Bath time
  • Baking (cookies, cupcakes, etc)
  • Play time (legos, blocks, figurines/dolls, etc)
  • Think through your daily routine… what are your favorite parts of the day? And your child(ren)’s favorite parts of the day? Times that are full of laughter and snuggles are good options, but there are no wrong answers here!

Day trips

  • Zoo
  • Aquarium
  • Local park
  • Beach trip
  • Kids museum
  • Nature center/botanical garden
  • Carnival/festival
  • Think about fun and/or educational places that you take (or want to take) your child(ren) for special events or family traditions. I’d love to hear your ideas!
  • Vacations
    Vacationing in or near Delaware? This is the perfect time to capture your fun little moments on your vacation!
    Vacationing elsewhere? I travel! Contact me with information about your trip (location and dates) for a custom quote!

Why ‘Unscripted’?

Just like you- I hate stress. I’ve worked with families for almost a decade, and I figured it out early on. Parenthood is tough. When you want children to do one thing- they often do the opposite. When you have a tight timeline, it’s as if they sense the urgency, and it almost always causes a meltdown (hey- I think we all feel that way under pressure sometimes..)

I quickly realized that my favorite sessions (and my clients’ favorite images) came from times that were relaxed, little to no direction, and were very candid in nature.

Unscripted Story Sessions are meant to be stress free. There are no hard time limits. My goal is to be something in between a fly on the wall, and an old family friend hanging out (with a couple cameras 😉). We go with the flow- often let the children lead the way, and capture some truly stunning memories that are authentic.

All of my sessions come with a 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee. My business is to create beautiful personalized artwork for you that you will be excited to display in your home. If, for any reason, you are not completely happy with your experience or your products, I will redo the session, or refund every penny!