How many photographs will I get?

Depends on the session! Birth clients usually receive 80+ images, Maternity, Newborn & Family clients usually select from 30-100 images.

Will my images be in color or black & white?

This also depends on the session. Sometimes I give both color and black & white versions of certain files. Usually birth clients receive many black & white only images, because of blood and the harsh lighting (if in the hospital). If I feel the color is taking away from the moment captured, then black & white is the better option. If you prefer one over the other, feel free to bring this up during our consultation!

What do you mean by “lifestyle photography”?

Lifestyle photography is a “photojournalistic” approach to portrait photography. The goal of lifestyle photographers is to capture real-life events and situations (think candid moments) exactly as they are. Often these moments are set up slightly, then left to evolve with your own twist. A lot of the work I do is with a “lifestyle” approach. For maternity and family portrait sessions, I sometimes will pose you simply so you feel comfortable (because typically clients feel a little awkward at the beginning of a session). It’s as the pose starts to disintegrate, and your personalities start to shine… those are the real moments that you end up seeing during your presentation and ultimately end up hanging on your walls.

Why should I choose Katy Rose Photography?

Because I’m awesome. HAH! 😉 I joke! As you get to know me, you’ll understand my really ridiculous sense of humor. I like to have fun 😉
Honestly, I think you should read reviews from past clients. But if you want to hear my “pitch” about myself.. here it is:
I am passionate about photography. I have a talent in capturing people’s personalities in photographs. (Personally, I think that my empathy for others is one of the main reasons for this gift.) I love being able to become a part of my clients’ lives and help them document their journey. I’m patient and understanding (important when working with children!) and easy to get along with (important when working with anyone!)

What if I’m not happy with my images for some reason?

Your satisfaction is most important to me. Sometimes children have a rough day and don’t cooperate for photos. I’ve yet to have a session that I wasn’t able to salvage some great photos (even with teething babies or a cranky toddler), but if something happens and you’re not happy with the images, I will gladly offer to re-shoot or refund your payment.

Do you photograph weddings?

Because my specialty is Maternity, Birth, Newborn, and Family Portraiture, normally I do not photograph weddings. You may find a few wedding photographs on my facebook or instagram because every once in a while, I will photograph a wedding for a friend, family member, or past client.

Why is Portrait Photography so expensive?

Hiring a Professional Portrait Photographer is different from walking into a “big-box” portrait studio. When you hire a Professional Portrait Photographer, you are investing in custom portrait memories. When you hire me, you’re not getting someone who just shows up, takes photographs, and mails you a CD; you’re paying for a professional dedicated to creating a stress free photographic experience, capturing treasured moments for you to cherish forever. There is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to give you this incredible high-quality experience and products.

Can I purchase the digital images to print my own?

Yes! Although I highly recommend you order hard copies of your favorites (since the professional prints you receive through me are high quality and will have accurate color and contrast- something I can’t guarantee when you print elsewhere), you can purchase individual Web-Res or High-Res digital files, or a flash drive of all images from your session.

What’s the difference between Web-Res and High-Res digital files?

Web-Res files are smaller images that are perfect for uploading to social networks to share with friends and family! If you print a Web-Res file, you will only be able to print up to an 8×10 before the image becomes grainy because of the low resolution. High-Res files are very large digital files that you can print large poster print sizes. Any digital file purchase will come with a print release so you are able to order prints at your printer of choice.


What is Birth Photography?

If you have children already, then you understand the roller coaster of emotions that happen during a birth. From the excitement, to the exhaustion… from the feeling of power (as you know your body is about to bring you your child!) to the feeling of defeat (as the contractions start to overlap with no break)… and from the overwhelming pain, to the overwhelming joy, relief and love.
Birth photography is about documenting that roller coaster.
Birth photography is not so much about the physical events occurring, but more about the emotions in the room.
Most hear “Birth photography” and picture blood, a baby’s head crowning, and a woman screaming. I think that is why I usually get funny looks when I talk about birth photography. 🙂
Yes, those things DO happen during childbirth. And if requested, yes I will capture those things.
But that is not what I strive to capture during a birth.
When I document a birth, I look for the little things… mom’s support system holding her hand through a contraction, or rubbing her back to help ease her pain… a quick glance between mom & dad between contractions… the look of complete joy and relief after the last push, when mom *finally* gets to see her baby…
Dad’s tears as he kisses mom on the head and touches his baby for the first time.
These are the moments that Birth Photography captures.

Why is Birth Photography so expensive?

You can easily compare Birth Photography to Wedding Photography.
Wedding Photography costs, on average, $2500. Wedding photographers typically spend 8-12 hours on-site during a wedding, plus several hours between the consultation and any pre-wedding contact with the bride and groom, plus the post-wedding culling and processing (usually DAYS of work), plus the presentation time, print and product ordering… (I’m sure I’m forgetting more here…)
Birth Photography is very similar in the amount of time it takes overall. I meet my clients at LEAST once before booking. I communicate with them regularly throughout their pregnancy after I am hired. Nearing the due date, I check in even more. Then once mom goes in labor, I’m there for as long as it takes! Images take several days to process, then the presentation and product ordering time is about the same as well.
The biggest difference with Birth Photography, is I’m on-call for 3+ weeks. Meaning, I adjust my schedule… I do not commit to anything that I can’t cancel at the last minute. I don’t even travel far from home… or leave my home at all without my equipment…
My phone is always on and ringer turned all the way up (even in the middle of the night!)
In addition to the amount of TIME Birth Photography requires, there are regular business expenses: taxes, insurance, equipment upgrades & repairs, website costs, association fees, etc.

Photography is just like any other business, and Birth Photography is no different. 🙂

What is a Fresh 48 Session?

Fresh 48 Sessions are for those that are interested in capturing their baby’s first moments, but aren’t exactly comfortable with having a photographer present during the birth. 😉
Fresh 48 Sessions are done within 24-48 hours of birth, in the birth center, hospital or at home. For Fresh 48 Sessions, I am “loosely” on-call. Meaning, I won’t go on vacation or be anywhere that I can’t get to your birth location within 24 hours.
These sessions are perfect for capturing the introduction of your new baby to grandparents and siblings! These sessions are also perfect for those having c-sections, as most local hospitals are not yet open to birth photographers in the operating room.

What if I have a short labor, will I get any of my money back?

It would not be fair to all of my clients if I gave discounts for short labors, just as it would not be fair to ask for more money for a long labor after we already signed a contract stating a set amount for my (indeterminable amount of) time. I block off my schedule for the same amount of time for every birth client, and overall I usually spend about the same amount of time for each client.

What if I have a C-Section?

I would do my best to talk to staff to see if they would allow me in the room with you. If not, I would set my camera’s settings and give it to someone who is going in the room with you to do their best and capture what they can. As soon as I am allowed to, I will document some of your first moments with your baby.

Will I have to get approval from my hospital?

Yes, if your birth will be in the hospital, it is your responsibility to check the policies and procedures with your OB prior to booking me to photograph your birth. If you are having a home birth, please discuss your plans with your midwife and/or doula, since adding a photographer is like adding a member to the birth team. If your team has any questions or concerns about my presence during your birth, I am more than happy to speak with them or accompany you to a prenatal appointment so we can go over expectations!

What if you miss the birth?

This has NOT happened yet! Because I prepare myself to be on-call for you, it is very unlikely that I would miss the birth. BUT if something did happen to prevent me from getting there on-time, I will gladly complete a Fresh 48 Session and refund the difference. I am currently looking for back-up birth photographers to further prevent any chance of missing your birth story.

When should I book you?

As early in your pregnancy as possible! Because I only book 1-2 births per month, it’s important to inquire as soon as you decide you want a birth photographer! If I am not available because of another birth, or some other prior engagement, you can still inquire about a stand-by birth or a Fresh 48 Session.

Do you offer discounts or take payments?

The only discount I offer for birth sessions is 50% off “Fresh 48” add-on session. Occasionally I offer specials on gift card purchases. “Like” my Facebook Page or subscribe to my email list for updates. I do offer payment plans.

Do you use a flash? What if I want my birth dark?

I try to photograph the room as it is, so you remember exactly how your surroundings were as you welcomed your little one. If the room is too dark, I may consider bouncing a flash off the ceiling or the wall, to illuminate just enough so the photographs are properly exposed. This is something we can talk more about during your consultation so I know your preferences. As always, I do my best to NOT interrupt your concentration during labor.