When you hire me to document your birth, I am on-call for you from weeks 38-42. This means that I do not schedule ANYTHING during that time that I can’t easily cancel at the last minute. I don’t travel more than 45 miles from your birth location, and I carry my gear with me everywhere. Because we don’t know how fast your labor will progress, I need to be ready at all times.

When you first show signs of labor, you contact me. You should contact me as much as you do your midwife or doula (if you have one). Keep me in the loop as you progress (I usually recommend your partner act as the updater so you can focus on labor). Typically, I head to your birth location when you reach 5cm (or when you find that you can no longer talk through contractions), and I stay as long as needed. I try to stay for 1-3 hours after birth as well, but I usually head home when mom starts showing signs that she needs to rest.

I also offer Fresh 48 Sessions. I come back to the hospital usually 24-48 hours after birth and document family meeting your new baby. This additional time allows me to capture more first moments between you and your baby, without the chaos of the midwives & doulas (or labor & delivery staff) trying to do their jobs too. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce siblings and grandparents, and have these moments captured. Fresh 48 sessions are scheduled during daylight so we can use beautiful natural light.

Birth photography session fee is $900, Fresh 48 session fee is $350. Prints & Products start at $25, no print minimums. Packages are fully customizable. Custom packages available with no print minimum. Prints & Products start at $25. Maternity, family and basic portrait sessions have no session fee. $50 deposit required for the session (often paid at the end of the consultation), and will be applied to your print & product order during your presentation.

Did you know that you can add photography gift certificates to your baby registry to help offset the cost? Create Registry with BabyList and add a Gift Certificate! I also offer payment plans! Contact me for more information!