Investment Options

Do you want photos of your children and family but feel overwhelmed by what to do with the images after a session? Do you have a growing Pinterest board of what you WANT to do, but don’t even know where to start?
Well I’m stepping up my game to help you .

Life moves too fast. We get a routine and stick to it (mostly), despite the growing list of things we “need” to do or “want” to do outside of that routine. Let me make family portraits simpler for you.

I’m introducing a new program to keep you on track for your goals of documenting your family and displaying your memories in a way that suites your taste and preferences. All while giving you the option of breaking your payment down into small monthly payments instead of one lump sum per session. (You don’t even have to wait until your balance is paid in full before your session!)

We’ll sit down and really hash out the details (don’t worry, I have a simple way to do this so you won’t feel overwhelmed.. I promise.) but to get us started, click here to answer a few quick questions.

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