Cutting the addiction to technology

How many times a day do you check your phone, email, social media, etc?

If you’re anything like me, you probably do it a lot. And you’re probably missing out on the people you care about most, and the events unfolding around you.

I’m making a change.

If you send me an email (or Facebook message to my business page), you’re going to receive an auto-responder that says I’ll be checking my email once a week now. I’ll still be sending sneak peeks within 3 days of your session, and full galleries within 7-10 days of your ordering session… but other than that, I’m cutting back on my use of technology to be more present in my day to day life.

I rarely book a session via email without a consultation scheduled more than a week before the session, and my phone number is available for those that need to reach me before I get around to checking my email. So my business shouldn’t be affected much by this change.

I deleted the Facebook app from my phone MONTHS ago, but I do have the Facebook business page app so that I receive notifications when I receive messages there. There’s an autoresponder on that one too, though – so don’t be surprised if it takes me a little bit to respond.

It’s not that I don’t value my clients and good customer service – in fact, that’s one reason I’m doing this! When I’m with someone in person – I want to be 100% with them. I don’t want my mind on all the emails & messages I have to respond to or if my latest post has a good response.

SO, it’ll likely take me a little time to adjust to this new habit, but I’m planning on checking & responding to emails on Wednesday evenings. Need me before then? Text or call! I still probably won’t respond immediately, but I’ll at least be checking those daily. 😉

Be present & SMILE! ✨

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