I need a couple of assistants for a day!

*UPDATE* I’ve filled both spots! I’ll post another update if anything changes! Thank you to everyone who contacted me! 😀

Family, Friends & Clients! I need a couple of assistants (in Northern Delaware) on August 1st from 9:30-2. I will be doing mini sessions at The Big Latch On event at Nemours (A.I. DuPont). I will need someone to sit at my table, give people information and help people sign up for mini sessions and take payments. These mini sessions are DEEPLY discounted (because of my love for these organizations and this event) so I expect the table will be pretty busy. For 4 & 1/2 hours of your time, I’d like to offer you one of the following: – A 20-30 minute mini session and 3 digital files (over $150 value) – 1-8×10 and 2-5×7 mounted gift prints ($95 value)* – One photo necklace ($85 value)* – One photo bracelet ($85 value)* – $40 cash *The asterisked items are things I’m ordering for my display at the event, so obviously they will be featuring photos that I have taken. If you haven’t had photos done by me then you won’t be able to choose any of these items as your payment! (If you’d like to see a picture of the jewelry, send me a message.) They will be on display at the table for the day, then you may take them home forever! 😀 I need someone reliable, trustworthy, friendly and preferably high energy! You MUST be supportive of, and comfortable with women breastfeeding in public (all around you!), as that is what this event is all about. This event is going to be outside (weather permitting), so I need someone who can withstand possibly being in the sun for 4 & 1/2 hours (there may be a tent or we may be set up in a shady area, however that’s not guaranteed, so I want to plan accordingly. Perhaps we can get a little umbrella or something for the table. If it is raining, the event will be held indoors. SO, send me your questions or let me know if you’re interested! katy@katyrosephotography.com Thanks! Katy TGBLO Nemours Mini Sessions

2 thoughts on “I need a couple of assistants for a day!

  1. i would love to help you for the day. I’m Scott Marvels wife. I do not have a nursing child now as mine are older. Email me! I will send you my number. 🙂

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