Sephira Anaiś

Hurry up and wait. That’s what birth photography feels like. 😛 I get the text “contractions 5 min apart” and I jump for joy! Check my bag, make sure everything is in there and batteries are charged. Make some calls to get my affairs in order for the day… Now what? I’m so excited that the coffee I’m drinking is already making me jittery, and I can barely eat because I’m so excited! And then I’m just left to wait for another update!

The birth of Sephira Anaiś was so very special. Momma (my incredible cousin, Melissa) was so focused when I arrived, she looked at me and mustered up a tiny smile in the middle of a contraction, then closed her eyes and continued breathing. I knew right away that it wouldn’t be too long. Melissa’s concentration was unbelievable.

I’ll admit, I don’t know Harlan that well. We met briefly at the baby shower, and I’ve heard great things about him from family members… but I got to see his true essence the day Sephira was born. Dads are typically really funny to watch during labor & delivery. You could tell Harlan was nervous (who wouldn’t be!) but it seemed he was more nervous for Melissa’s pain than anything else. He was so attentive to Melissa’s needs, keeping a close eye on her during each contraction, giving her ice when she wanted it, even rubbing ice along her forehead and cheeks between contractions as they grew closer together and more intense. When Melissa started to appear exhausted and started to lose focus of her breath, Harlan gently reminded her to breathe through the pain. He held her hand and stroked her arm. I could see in his eyes how hard it was for him to watch Melissa in so much pain, but he did all he could to help her through it. I am so happy to see my cousin with such a genuinely kind and supportive man. It was so beautiful to watch their love fill up that room…

And the moment their sweet baby girl finally made her grand debut was simply incredible. Dad & auntie’s smiles were from ear to ear, and the moment momma saw her baby girl, she was suddenly so calm and overjoyed. She whispered “hi, baby!” as the nurses placed Sephira Anaiś on her chest. A few moments later she kissed her baby on the forehead and turned to Harlan & Deja with the biggest smile I’ve ever seen. The wait was finally over. 😍

Happy Birthday, Sephira Anaiś! 07.03.15

You are seven days old today! 💗

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