2015 Week 1: GRATITUDE

Look at this.. It’s only January 5th, and I’m already a day late on my 52 week blog challenge.. However, it’s not without good reason. I ended up having a couple last minute things to do yesterday, including seeing a wonderful friend who is in town from Texas.

A few things I want to point out, as I begin this blogging project.
I’m not an experienced blogger… Or writer. I obviously wrote a lot for school over the years, but I have always struggled with putting words down in a cohesive manner. This takes a lot of hard work, and writers, you really have my respect!
Secondly, I ramble a lot when I write. I’ll try to keep it under control, but I just wanted to apologize in advance.

Okay.. So on to what I decided my first blog of 2015 would be about: GRATITUDE.
Those of you who know me personally, Already know that I am an extremely positive person. I am often asked “How do you do it? How can you always find the good in every situation, even the worst ones?” Honestly, I can’t tell you for sure HOW I always manage to do it.. But I can tell you a few things I find myself doing on a regular basis that have to be a contributing factor to my perpetual positivity (have I told you how much I love alliteration?).

1. Every night I reflect on my day. I pick a few things (people, pets, opportunities, talents) that I am grateful for and I think about why those things mean so much to me. And I’ll give you a hint: they are almost never material items (except for essentials like my home, my car, etc. And I do occasionally mention the material things that I have been blessed with, but with the added understanding of how fortunate I am to have these things, even if they aren’t necessities.)

2. I surround myself with inspirational and encouraging quotes. Seriously I’m a quote junkie. For example, this is the quote on my lock screen on my phone. “Realize deeply that the present moment is all you ever have.” -Eckhart Tolle This is one of my favorite quotes because it is a constant reminder of how short and valuable our time here is. I use it as a reminder to not squander my life on negative thoughts, negative people or negative things.

3. I remind myself daily that I have a choice in every moment of every day. I have the choice about what emotions I want to dominate my day. Yes, I do get angry or sad or anxious… But I let that emotion pass over me and through my heart, I thank it for it’s lesson or message about whatever circumstance, and then I let it go and move on to a feeling of gratitude instead. Here is a very personal example of that emotional choice that I just explained:
My mom passed away when I was 17, and my brother passed almost three years ago. Losing them both was VERY hard. They had both been sick, so it wasn’t a suddenly thing, but it was still incredibly difficult with each death. However, although I did grieve, and cry, and feel angry that they were gone, I had to keep reminding myself to choose gratitude and happiness. I am so grateful I had as much time with each of them that I did. I am grateful for the love and laughter we shared over the years, and that they both are at peace now. I look at photographs from over the years and I’m able to smile and laugh at the funny moments we had together. This doesn’t mean I miss them any less, and that I don’t have waves of sadness that hit me like a ton of bricks, but I continuously and consciously make it my mission to let the sadness go and fill up with gratitude, happiness and love, especially because I know they would both rather that then see me sad.

So those are just a few of the most important things I do every day to help keep me positive… I hope they help you too!

Have any tips that you use to keep yourself positive? I’d love to hear them! katy@katyrosephotography.com
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*P.S. I’m copying these old blog posts over from my old blog.. so unfortunately a lot of them will be missing the pictures that were originally posted 😦 Sorry!*

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